A real Blast ~ Signal Gun (Ke Monate)

A fellow blogger, Chesney wrote about Ke Monate in a recent blog post. I have been lucky enough to visit this idyllic wine farm with the blogger herself. We unfortunately missed the grand Woman’s Day High Tea, but we still enjoyed a lovely pot of tea and a scrumptious breakfast! Definitely worth the trip out to Durbanville! Can’t wait to experience the Woman’s Day High Tea next year! 🙂


Signal Gun is a hidden treasure known mostly only to the fortunate Durbanville locals. This proud Durbanville wonder can be found slightly off the beaten track just off Vissershok Road.  The Signal Gun is generally not just stumbled upon by passing traffic, as it requires you to embark on a rather adventurous journey to the top of the hill to find it. If it is your first time visiting the farm, I wouldn’t be surprised if halfway you find yourself asking: “Where on earth am I going.” However I can guarantee you that once you lay eyes on this beaut you will NOT be disappointed.  Despite the location being so secretive, the Signal Gun restaurant Ke Monate is almost always fully booked.

Signal Gun is the non-traditional latest addition to the Durbanville wine valley. It offers wine lovers a modern experience to appreciate fine wine. The wine cellar is found…

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It’s all in the detail – High Tea

High Tea is a cosy little café located in the tranquil gardens of the Farriers Centre, just off Constantia road in Wynberg. The centre boasts a number of speciality stores, perfect for a leisurely afternoon browse. There is ample parking space, but never fear, if it is a beautiful sunny summer day, one can always park on the grass verge across the road.

High Tea offers a delectable selection of mini cakes and tarts, amongst other goodly things including breakfast, lunch, tea & coffee. The shop has a very relaxed atmosphere and the décor has a very rustic charm: meals are served with albeit fancy, completely mismatching cutlery, crockery and serviettes. This little coffee shop really has thought of all the small details, from the rainbow crystal sugar to the perfect music selection. One wall of the shop is lined with shelves laden with interesting snacks and gifts including speciality teas, spiced nuts, caramel popcorn (DELICIOUS – literally can’t leave without a bag), hand-made tea-cosies, and biscuits amongst other things. The menu reflects the restaurant owners’ mantra, simple and straightforward, with very few options available and only slight variations with changes in season. In addition to the restaurant, High Tea creates exquisite cakes (both in appearance and in taste) for order for weddings, birthdays or any other celebrations. My Mom has already picked out my wedding cake from High Tea, even though I am 20 and marriage is not even a wild possibility in the near future.

For one day in the future :) stunning isn't it?

For one day in the future 🙂 stunning isn’t it?

I was introduced to High Tea by our estate agent, Mary Bailey, in 2009, when my family and I were down for three days to do house hunting (don’t know if it was desperation or efficiency?). Since moving to Cape Town, just over four years ago, I have been there many a time and have shared this delightful spot with many friends and family. With such an amazing spread of cakes, it is really hard to have a favourite, but dozens of tea dates, hundreds of Rands, and thousands of calories later; I have definitely found mine – the SERIOUSLY chocolate cake, followed closely by the lemon meringue.

My SERIOUSLY chocolate cake

My SERIOUSLY chocolate cake

On each of my countless visits to High Tea, I have always been impressed with the service I have received. On one occasion, I was enjoying an almost weekly mother-daughter date, when my mother saw a heart –shaped coat hook on the wall that she just HAD to have. The owners, much to our surprise, kindly obliged and unscrewed the hook from the wall, and let my mom purchase it.

I highly recommend, that if you are a sweet tooth like me, that you make your way to High Tea ASAP – you will not be disappointed, nor leave empty handed.

Me and my Mumsicle <3

Me and my Mumsicle ❤

For more details about High Tea:

Website: http://hightea.co.za/

Call: Cakes 083 7640 760 and Restaurant 021 7971 421

Email: cakes@hightea.co.za (Irma) or restaurant@hightea.co.za (Kerneels)


“If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you” – William Gladstone