About Me

My name is Tamsyn Clark, born and raised in South Africa, currently residing in the beautiful mother city, Cape Town. Cape Town is home to many marvelous attractions, my favourite being the cafes, deli’s, bistros and the like.

I am a self-professed lover of tea and all things sweet. I tend to agree largely with what C.S Lewis has to say, especially that “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me”. As you can probably guess I am an absolute bookworm too – my favourite authors include Nicholas Sparks, Tess Gerritsen, and Kathy Reichs. I can think of no better day than one which is spent curled up in a blanket, with my adorable cat, reading. I love cooking and baking and I am in the kitchen creating delicious food every chance I get. I like to think of myself as an aspiring foodie and my dream is to one day open my gourmet deli and bakery.

When I am not dreaming about my future, I am a third year Marketing student at the University of Cape Town. Although my true passion is to be working in the food industry, I also have an interest in brand development and management; thus the pursuit of a degree in Business Science.

About the Blog

Through my endeavors to satisfy my love of tea and all things sweet, I have frequented a number of different tea spots – all of which have provided a wealth of memories and experiences which I will share here on my blog. I feel as if by sharing my personal experiences at all the places that I love, I will be able to introduce fellow tea-lovers to a new favourite tea spot and possibly even convert some of you coffee drinkers ;). I will try to post on a weekly basis, so please follow me for updates, and please feel free to share, like and comment!


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