The Republic of Hout Bay: Bay Harbour Market and Snoekies

My fellow blogger Julia writes about the Hout Bay Market in a recent blog. I myself have on occasion frequented the Hout Bay Market – mostly to sample the delicious baked goods, but it doesn’t hurt to take a gander through the interesting craft stores. If you are from my side of the mountain, and do not venture to The Republic of Hout Bay often, make a day trip of it! It happens to be home to one of my absolute favourite restaurants – Deli Delish. A post on Deli Delish coming soon!


The perfect Sunday afternoon outing: a scenic drive through to Hout Bay to stroll through the Bay Harbour Market and then some deliciously fresh ol’ fish n chips at Snoekies. Sounds good right?

So first, why is Hout Bay jokingly called the Republic of Hout Bay you might ask? Here we go: A long time ago someone made his own passport which said he lived in the Republic of Hout Bay. He travelled the world with this passport (it was obviously waaaay before 9/11…) without any officials noticing his false document. The passports were actually made as part of a publicity stunt, but being able to travel the world with a fake passport is a shweet bonus.

Anywhoo, back to the Market and Snoekies… I’ve been to the Bay Harbour Market before, quite a while ago when it opened, but wow it has grown! The Bay Harbour Market is an…

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